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Promotores Institute

Contact: Maria Lemus, Executive Director Phone :  (213) 613-0630

We believe in the improvement of access and provision of quality bilingual and bicultural health care to Latinos through self-empowerment, educational programs, health advocacy outreach, and development of public policy specifically aimed at Latinos and their families and as critical players in the implementation and workforce development in these areas.

Latina Saludable es Familia Saludable/Latina Health is Family Health

This unique training curriculum offers community residents an opportunity to formalize their role as Promotores in their community.  Using issues such as diabetes, healthy nutrition and physical activity as an educational framework, the 40-hour curriculum increases awareness about a community health issue, offers information about local resources, promotes discussion about health promotion and disease prevention, and provides a structure for building community.  Since 2006, Visión y Compromiso has trained more than 1,000 Latina/o residents as Promotores in California and Mexico. – See more at:

Salsa, Sabor y Salud

Visión y Compromiso adapted the National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI), curriculum to train Latino families with children about healthy nutrition and physical activity.  The curriculum uses culturally and linguistically relevant tools to help families understand the role of diet, nutrition, portion control, and physical activity on family health.  Interactive teaching strategies help families define health, nutrition and physical activity in meaningful ways.  It has also been adapted as Corazones Saludables, Familias Saludables / Healthy Hearts, Healthy Families to promote physical activity and address overweight, obesity and cardiovascular disease. – See more at:

Advocacy Training for Promotores

Visión y Compromiso developed this 50-hour policy, leadership and advocacy program to train the more advanced Promotor as an advocate, address inequalities in institutional policies, and mobilize community residents to action.  The curriculum helps Promotores understand how public health, school and civic systems function, helps Promotores build coalitions and mobilize communities, and teaches about the role of the legislative process.  This training has enhanced the capacity of Promotores to engage residents in a culturally respectful process to generate sustainable social and environmental changes. – See more at:

Reproductive Justice

Reproductive health and rights are especially important issues for Latinas given that almost half of all U.S. Latinas are of childbearing age.  Latinas’ reproductive health disparities can be attributed in large part to low rates of health insurance, limited health care access, language barriers, lack of accurate information, and anti-immigration policies. The Reproductive Justice curricula is to create long-term changes in how Promotores and CHWs think about race, rights and reproduction and to develop tools, resources and materials to guide this community transformation.  In 2008-2009, VyC developed a 4-session curriculum for training Promotores entitled Currículo Para Promotores: Justicia Reproductiva en la Comunidad Latina/Curriculum for Promotores: Reproductive Justice in the Latino Community – See more at:

Mental Health

Visión y Compromiso partnered with the Center for Multicultural Development at the California Institute for Mental to provide mental health training to county behavioral health departments and provider agencies interested in deepening their partnership with Promotores in the area of mental health.  Promotores and CHWs receive training in mental health to increase their capacity to work in their communities to promote wellness and to identify and assist community members who might be in need of mental health prevention, treatment and recovery services. The 4-day Mental Health Training is adapted from Salud Para Todos. – See more at:

Fruit, Vegetable and Physical Activity Toolbox for Community Educators

Visión y Compromiso has developed a successful model for outreach and community engagement to improve fruit, vegetable and physical activity-related knowledge, skills, and behaviors among FSNE-eligible adults by partnering with community agencies and health providers to conduct nutrition education for at least 40,500 people/year.  VyC uses a train-the-trainer model to train Promotores to conduct outreach and education related to nutrition and physical activity for low-income Latinos, to increase community empowerment and support local residents to pursue positive nutrition-related environmental changes in their communities. – See more at:

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Stamp Program

Visión y Compromiso developed linguistically appropriate curriculum and training materials related to the Food Stamp Program (FSP), SNAP for low-income Latino individuals and families. – See more at:

National Diabetes Educations Program

Vision y Compromiso integrates the National Diabetes Educations Program as part of its primary topic in the core Promotora training, Latina Saludable es Familia Saludable and has trained thousands of community members, Promotores and Community Health Workers in the importance of healthy diet and exercise in the prevention of diabetes. – See more at:



VYC Abogacía

Aquí están los enlaces para los webinars de abogacía de los que hablamos el día de ayer 2014:  Véanlos cuando tengan tiempo.

Hugo Mata: C2 Alternative Services; Mobile: 707- 494-1699; Office: 707- 568-3783;;


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