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States That Are Having an IMPaCT Issue #121March 14 ,2014

State Refor(u)m’s latest chart explores the Infrastructure for Maintaining Primary Care Transformation (IMPaCT) program. This program, authorized under the ACA, focuses on educating primary care providers about chronic disease management, preventive medicine, mental and behavioral health services and other evidence-based therapies. The chart highlights the various models that four states, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, are using to improve quality in primary care practices.

Primary Care Extension Models in Lead IMPaCT States

*Chart updated March 6, 2014

Section 5405 of the Affordable Care Act authorizes the establishment of a primary care extension program (PCEP) to improve the quality of primary care services by “educat[ing] providers about preventive medicine, health promotion, chronic disease management, mental and behavioral health services, and evidence-based and evidence informed therapies and techniques.” The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) established the Infrastructure for Maintaining Primary Care Transformation (IMPaCT) initiative as a pilot PCEP. AHRQ awarded IMPaCT grants to four lead states:  New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.  These IMPaCT states have focused on expanding and evaluating primary care practice support efforts to develop sustainable infrastructure that supports practice extension and ongoing quality improvement in primary care practices.  Each of the four lead states partnered with three or four other states to disseminate the lead state’s PCEP model.

This chart examines the PCEP models in place in each of the four lead IMPaCT states, including infrastructure and strategies to support primary care extension and transformation. To learn more, please visit the national health extension toolkit at healthextensiontoolkit.org. Does your state have initiatives to support primary care extension? Do you have an update to a fact we’ve included? Your contributions are central to our community’s ongoing, real-time learning, so tell us in a comment below, or email the author with your suggestion. Felicia can be reached at fheider@nashp.org.

– See more at: https://www.statereforum.org/primary-care-extension-chart#sthash.ybswO0Dg.dpuf

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