CHW Associations



State level organization
 Regional organization

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
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(Adapted from

Arizona Community Health Outreach Workers Network 

Kathleen Gilligan, Coordinator
Tel: (520) 705-8861


Health Initiative of The Americas (HIA)
Binational Conferencia de Promotores 
Xóchitl Castañeda
(510) 643-1291

Community Health Worker Initiative of Sonoma County
Carol West, CHW
Tel: (707) 763-3260 or (707) 481-7965 (mobile)
Facebook Page

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation
Tel:(213) 748-7285
Lupe E. Gonzalez-Hernandez
Director of Health Programs

Marin Promotor Initiative
Alexandra Danino
Tel: (1(415) 454-8901

Vision y Compromiso: Community Health Worker/Promotoras Network
Maria Lemus, Executive Director
Tel: (510) 232-7869
E-mail: or

Community Research Education Awareness (CREA) Results
Denver, CO
Fernando Piñeda-Reyes BS


Connecticut Community Health Workers

Connecticut Public Health Association

REACH-Workers—The Community Health Workers of Tampa Bay
Michelle Dublin, Chair
Tel: (727) 588-4018

Florida Community Health Worker Coalition
Susan Fleming

Georgia Community Health Advisor Network
Gail McCray
Tel: (404) 752-1645

Delta Health Alliance
Mississippi Delta
Lorene Delaney, Community Health Worker

Chicago CHW Local Network 
Laura Bahena
Tel: (312) 878-7015

Community Health Worker Coalition
JoBeth McCarthy-Jean

Louisiana Community Health Outreach Network (LACHON)
Ashley Wennerstrom
Tel: 504 988-4007
Kristina Gibson
Tel: (504) 523-6221, ext.172.
Facebook Page
Twitter handle: @LACHON1

Community Outreach Workers Association of Maryland, Inc.
Carol Payne
Tel: (410) 664-6949

University of Maryland-  Maryland Center for Health Equity
Stephen Thomas Ph.D
Tel: (301) 405-8859

Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers
Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox, Executive Director
Tel: (508) 756-6676, ext. 23

Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance
Katie Mitchell
University of Michigan School of Social Work
Ann Arbor, Mich. 48109-1106

Minnesota CHW Peer Network
Comfort Dondo-Dewey, Co-Chair
Sophia London, Co-Chair

The Minnesota CHW Alliance
Contact Joan Cleary, Interim director

The New Jersey CHW Institute
Carol Wolff
Tel: (856) 963-2432, ext. 202

New Mexico Community Health Workers Association
Bette Jo Ciesielski
Tel: (505) 255-1227

 Hidalgo Medical Services of New Mexico
CDC Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health
REACH Demonstration Project ( c/f Texas Carl Rush)


Community Health Worker Network of New York State

New York City: Community Health Worker Network of NYC
Sergio Matos, Executive Director
Tel: (212) 481-7667
Romy Rodriguez, Chair

Community Health Workers Association of Rochester
Glenda Blanco, Chair
Tel: (585) 922-3507

Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo
Jessica Bauer Walker, Director
104 Maryland Street
Buffalo, N.Y. 14201
Tel: (716) 548-6727

Alliance of Filipino American Community Health Workers
Kalusugan coalition,Inc.

Ohio Community Health Workers Association
Becky Hartman, President
Columbus, OH 43215-0484
Tel: (855) GO-OCHWA (466-2492)

Oregon Community Health Workers Association (ORCHWA)
Lizzie Fussell, Coordinator
Tel: (971) 295-3124

Community Capacitation Center
Noelle Wiggins, Program Manager
Tel: (503) 988-6250 ext 26646

Community Health Worker Association of Rhode Island
Beth Lamarre, Coordinator
Tel: (401) 270-0101, ext. 149
Facebook page

Community Health Worker Texas
301 University Blvd. Galveston, TX, 77555-1056
tel: (409) 772-7884 

Community Resources LLC
Carl Rush MRP

South Texas Promotora Association
Merida Escobar, President/CEO
Tel: (956) 383-5393

Washington Community Health Worker Network
Lilia Gomez
Tel: (360) 786-9722, ext. 230
Seth Doyle
Tel: (206) 783-3004, ext. 16

USA/ National

Aliance of Filipino American Community Health Workers
Kalusugan Coalition, Inc.


American Public Health Association (APHA)
CHW Section

Health Initiative of The Americas (HIA)
Binational Conferencia de Promotores
Xóchitl Castañeda
(510) 643-1291

National Promotores Initiative

Nacional Conferencia de Promotores 
National AHEC

The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. / Western Arizona Area Health Education Center (RCBH/WAHEC) in collaboration with Community Health Workers National Network Association and the New Mexico Community Health Workers Association

Amanda Aguirre MA, RD President and CEO
Truly B. Medina-Vice President

American Association of Community Health Workers  ( In hibernation since 2007)
(Waiting for all states to have regional representative groups)

Durrell Fox
Pam Chapman

“Raising the flag for Community Health Workers”

Georgetown  University Law Center, Washington,
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation(RWJF) report January 2010 
AACHW presents at the APHA conference 2007
First AACHW news letter 2006

National Community Health Worker Association

Mae-Gilene Begay (AZ)
Joelisa Castillo (WI)
Naomi Cottoms (AR)
Ramona Dillard (NM)
Durrell Fox (GA)
Catherine Haywood (LA)
Wandy Hernandez (IL)
Gail Hirsch (MA)
Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox (GA)
Maria Lemus (CA)
Sergio Matos (NY)
Susan Mayfield Johnson (MS)
Anita McDonnell (NJ)
Floribella Redondo (AZ)
Carl Rush (TX)
Alise Sanchez (OR)
Julie Smithwick (SC)
Napualani Spock (HI)
Ashley Wennerstrom (LA)
Geoff Wilkinson (MA)

National Survey of CHW Membership Organizations ( June 2018, 38 pg)



The Coastal Resource and Resiliency Center conducts lay health worker trainings in the coastal parishes and counties of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Our primary goal is to improve overall health outcomes in the target area, especially among disadvantaged and under-served populations.

To accomplish this goal, we train lay health workers to encourage healthy lifestyles and improve health literacy, to promote emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, and to help people identify the resources they need to stay healthy and safe.

Our current activities include:

  • The Community Health Worker Training Project, funded by a grant from the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program.
  • Volunteer Peer Health Advocate Training, funded by a grant from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.
  • Chronic Disease Management Training, funded by a grant from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.
  • The Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities, funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.



Arkansas Community Health Worker Association (ARCHWA)

Organizer of 4th Annual Arkansas CHW Summit

ARCHWA is statewide professsional association of community health workers (CHWs) dedicted to advancing, promoting, and supporting the CHW workforce. For more information please contact Jake Coffey at (501) 526-6630 or


Arkansas Community Health Worker Association
107 Professional Plaza
Helena, AR 72342
(501) 526 6630

The ARCHWA is growing and is always welcoming new members—you do not have to be a CHW to join the Association. Visit for more information and to join, or contact Jake Coffey at or (501) 526-6630. ARCHWA’s focus over the next year will be to support CHW pilot projects across the state, the development of formal CHW training programs and assessing the need for a CHW credentialing process.



Arizona Community Health Outreach Workers Network (AzCHOW)

Kathleen Gilligan, Coordinator, (520) 705-8861


AzCHOW Workforce Coalition The Arizona Community Health Worker Workforce Coalition is a network of organizations collaborating with the Arizona Community Health Worker Outreach Network (AzCHOW) to support the sustainability of the Arizona CHW workforce. The Coalition is comprised of CHWs, including Promotores de Salud, Community Health Representatives, Community Health Advisors and other related titles, and the University of Arizona, State and Local Health Departments, Community Health Centers, and Area Health Education Centers. In light of today’s changing health care world we believe now is our opportunity to identify the road map to support this vital workforce in Arizona.

Contact:  Monica Muñoz




Bay Area CHW Network Contact: City College of San Francisco: David Valentine;  Tyffani Castellanos; Ron Marshall; Phyllis Lui; Lottie Titus; Joi Kendricks; Jenny Labit


CACHW: Advocating for a California Association of Community Health Workers   Building a representative culturally inclusive, professional peer coalition


California Association of Community Health Workers Our Mission Is to value and promote the Community Health Worker model; the heart of which is the “espíritus de servicio” and to support the career development of all the people in the many different job titles (More than 100…)  that comprise the Community Health Worker workforce in California. We believe that the shared lived experience and the cultural and linguistic diversity of the community health worker workforce is ideally suited to:

  • understand the importance of the social determinants of health
  •  build healing relationships, based on mutual respect and trust
  • to be part of innovative strategies to address the triple aim of the affordable care act
  1. Increasing access to care
  2. Improving quality
  3. Reducing costs

 Facebook page


Community Health Worker Initiative of Sonoma County Contact: Carol West, CHW Mobile(707) 481-7965  Office (707) 763-3260



For more information about the Alliance and youth engagement, please contact Luis Sanchez:



The Alliance of Filipino-American Community Health Workers

Resource Library


Latino Health Access

Phone: 714.542.7792 | Fax: 714. 542.4853
450 W Fourth St Suite 130, Santa Ana, CA 9270

 Latino Health Access


Vision y Compromiso

Vision Y Compromiso:Community Health Worker/Promotoras Network Contact: Maria Lemus, Executive Director, (510) 232-7869, or


 Promotoras Valle Central Norte California 




The Community Health Worker and Patient Navigator Work Group  is a statewide coalition comprised of local and state agencies, advocacy groups, philanthropic organizations and public & private health plan representatives.  This group coalesced in an effort to align all of the various patient navigator/community health worker/promotoras groups in our state and identify and develop a sustainable model for this important work.

Within this larger work group, there are three sub-committees:

  1. Regionalization Sub-committee Andrea Dwyer:
  2. Definitions Sub-committee Andrea Dwyer:
  3. Competencies Sub-committee Linda Burhansstipanov:

Andrea Dwyer University of Colorado :



REACH-Workers—The Community Health Workers of Tampa Bay Michelle Dublin, Chair, (727) 588-4018,

Florida Community Health Worker Coalition A statewide partnership dedicated to the support and promotion of the CHW profession in Florida; Susan Fleming at

Coalition Facilitator:
Marion Banzhaf

Coalition Co-Chairs:
Patria Alguila

Brendaly Rodriguez

Coalition Work Groups

The Coalition has five working groups. They are listed below along with their goals.


  • Promote the statewide CHW coalition
  • Promote recognition of CHWs through branding


  • Establish core elements of standards for curriculum
  • Establish curriculum review panel
  • Establish requirements for certification process/training requirements

Policy Subgroup

  • Enlist champions for systems change
  • Find your elected officials
  • Educate your elected officials about CHWs

Research Subgroup

  • Promote interdisciplinary collaborative research activities that will support the profession Promote continuous outcomes data collection to support the profession of CHW in Florida through creation of common outcome measures

Practice Subgroup

  • Provide consistent input based on the practical experience of CHWs to further the goals and objectives of the Florida Community Health Worker Coalition



Georgia Community Health Advisor Network Gail McCray, (404) 752-1645,



Chicago CHW Local Network Leticia Boughton , (312) 878-7015,,

Leticia Boughton
Network -Coordinator

Alfredo Lopez
Network -Organizer

Illinois CHW Advisory Board

15 members




Contact: Margarita Hart  Interim Coordinator of INCHWA   317-697-0065

CHW Bill (HB5412) passed April 10 , 2014 Introduced By Rep. Robyn Gabel

Indiana Community Health Worker Coalition (Inchwc) Email: (317) 370-8757

10 CHW Districts Map



Louisiana Community Health Outr Network (LACHON); Email: or call Ashley Wennerstrom at 504 988-4007 or Kristina Gibson at 504-523-6221 ext.172.


MARYLAND Community Outreach Workers Association of Maryland, Inc. Carol Payne (410) 664-6949, ;259 W Lanvale Street;Baltimore, MD 21217;Phone: (410) 669-7960

Latino Health Initiative

The Latino Health Initiative (LHI) of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services was established in July 2000 with the support of the County Executive and County Council.



Maine’s Community Health Worker Initiative (MCHWI)


 Maine Migrant Health Program

9 Green St;  P.O. Box 405; Augusta, Maine 04332

t: (207) 622-9252 (800) 351-9634

f: (207) 626-7612


In this webinar held on May 15, 2014, Maine’s Community Health Worker Initiative (MCHWI).
MCHWI is focused on developing the infrastructure to support Community Health Workers (CHWs) as part of Maine’s transformed health care system. CHWs’ “experience-based expertise” is a core strength of this workforce and translates into care that is more patient-centered, culturally-competent and effective (JACM, 2011). Participants will learn more about the MCHWI and its work to strengthen the infrastructure supporting Maine CHWs and to assure sustainability of this emerging workforce. We’ll discuss best practices, policy development and payment reform, and how Maine can position itself to leverage the recent national attention and engagement to strengthen our communities as well as our systems of care.  Our presenter is Barbara Ginley, MPH, Project Director of the CHW Initiative at Maine Migrant Health Program.




Massachusetts Department of Public Health : Office of Community Health Workers
Phone: 617-624-6016

Contact: Gail Hirsch


Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers



Lissette Blondet, MACHW Director

Jackie Toledo*, Director of Leadership Development


CHW Alliance of Berkshire County 

Luci Leonard   (413) 358-5296



Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance, c/o Katie Mitchell, University of Michigan School of Social Work, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106; (734) 615-7972



Minnesota Department of Health(CHW)

Minnesota CHW Peer Network



MN CHW Peer Network brings Twin Cities CHWs together for learning and continuing education approximately 4-6 times per year. The co-chairs of the Peer Network serve as conveners for the trainings and help the group identify topics for continuing ed. They are busy CHWs who provide leadership to the network on a volunteer basis. Minnesota Community Health Worker Directory The purpose of this directory is to create more networking opportunities for Community Health Workers (CHWs) across the state of Minnesota.  This directory is to be used by CHWs and their supervisors to find others around Minnesota doing similar work.


The Minnesota CHW Alliance is a broad-based partnership of CHWs and stakeholder groups who meet monthly and work together to advance the CHW role in the state. The curriculum, scope of practice, workforce development efforts, payment legislation and Day at the Capitol have come out of this group and its predecessor, the MN CHW Policy Council. Contact: Joan Cleary, part-time interim director;

Board of Directors (2016)

As an nonprofit, we are governed by a volunteer, multi-disciplinary board that provides strategic direction, oversight, and stewardship. Our board includes:


Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance  Mission:  Establish a venue for CHWs to participate in resource sharing and information exchange.  Create an opportunity for peer mentoring, support, on-going educational opportunities and a place to advocate for the CHW profession. Education of CHWs:

Contact Information

If you have any other questions about the Alliance or just want to know more, please e-mail Joan Cleary at

If you would like to get involved with a specific committee, please e-mail the contact persons listed below:


Education Committee Co-Chairs

Research Committee Co-Chairs

CHW Supervisor Roundtable Co-Chairs


Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance Goal: Grow and strengthen a vibrant network of diverse CHWs and CHW supporters throughout Michigan Contact : Marta Lugo-Rodriguez;  ; 313-849-3920 ext 5168



Community Health Advisor Network (CHAN) In 1998, Freedom from Hunger, a California-based organization that addresses issues of hunger and poor nutrition, began the replication and institutionalization of a program to train lay health advisors in several Southern states. They began this effort in 1988 by training lay health advisors in three rural Mississippi communities in an effort to increase access to health care services there, an effort known as the Community Health Advisor Network (CHAN) technical and training assistance from- University of Southern Mississippi’s (USM) Center for Community Health- now known as the Center for Sustainable Health Outreach “If the problems are in the community, the solutions are in the community.” Mission: Our mission at the Center for Sustainable Health Outreach (CSHO) is to help support the role of community health workers as an essential component of sustainable community wellness. We envision community health workers who are valued as essential, integral, powerful promoters of health, disease prevention, and wellness in their communities. Contact: Dr. Susan Mayfield-Johnson; Phone: 601.266.6266;



 The New Jersey CHW Institute supports the development of CHW groups Carol Wolff, (856) 963-2432 ext. 202;



SB 58 relates to HM 12 which requests the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNMHSC) to convene a taskforce to study using community health workers in New Mexico.

NM Community Health Worker Advisory CouncilNew Mexico, the State Legislature approved the Community Health Worker Act in the recent 30-day Session that concluded in mid-February. Just this past Sunday, it was signed into law by the Governor. The passage of this Act officially designates the continued planning and subsequent implementation of a statewide voluntary CHW Certification Program effective July 2014. The program will be administered through the NM Department of Health, Public Health Division, Office of Community Health Workers in partnership with its statewide advisory group, the New Mexico Community Health Worker Advisory Council. The CHWs and CHRs from across the state deserve a lot of credit for actively advocating on behalf of this bill. Its passage was a major accomplishment and will move the Community Health Worker profession forward here in New Mexico!        Contact:  Daryl T. Smith, MPH Vice-Chair for the NM Community Health Worker Advisory Council

New Mexico Community Health Workers Association; Bette Jo Ciesielski, (505) 255-1227,


New York

Statewide: Community Health Worker Network of New York State  New York City: Community Health Worker Network of NYC Sergio Matos, Executive Director, (212) 481-7667, Romy Rodriguez, Chair, romelia@chwnetworkStatewide: Community Health Worker Network of New York State  New York City:

Community Health Workers Association of Rochester  Glenda Blanco, Chair, (585) 922-3507,

Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo Jessica Bauer Walker, Director 104 Maryland Street, Buffalo, NY 14201 (716) 548-6727

Learning Exchange: Building Bridges: Community Health Workers as Agents of Change

The Health Promotion & Prevention Research Center (PRC) hosted its first learning exchange, “Building Bridges: Community Health Workers as Agents of Change”. Sergio Matos, the Executive Director of the Community Health Worker (CHW) Network of NYC, moderated the session. Drs.  Padmini Balagopal, Miyong Kim, and Ranjita Misra, all experts in implementing CHW programs, spoke about their work, CHW training, and the challenges and successes they have experienced. Rico Foz, Mamnunul Haq, and Henry Soliveres, CHWs from NYU’s AsPIRE and DREAM programs, spoke about their personal experiences serving their community. Please download and watch the learning exchange.




Ohio Community Health Workers Association Becky Hartman, President Columbus, Ohio 43215-0484 Phone: (855) GO-OCHWA (466-2492) E-mail:



Oregon Community Health Workers Association (ORCHWA) Lizzie Fussell, Coordinator (971) 295-3124 ;on Facebook: Facebook Myriam Vazquez, Chair, Education& Training: Ty Schwoeffermann, Chair – Policy & Advocacy: Rocio Munoz, Chair- Resource & Development: Julio Maldonado, Chair – Communications: Abdiasis Mohamen, Chair – Membership:

Community Capacitation Center


Noelle Wiggins, Principal Investigator



NEON is collaborating with the Community Capacitation Center of Multnomah County to provide the training using a proven curriculum that has been approved by Portland State University for 800 level college credit.

Current CHW training participants will be eligible for state certification as Community Health Workers. Community Health Worker Training, please contact Pepper McColgan at: 541-398-1720 or

Warriors of Wellness (WOW)



 Community Health Worker Association of Rhode Island Facebook: Beth Lamarre, Coordinator, (401) 270-0101, ext 149




DFW Community Health Worker Association
PO Box 232
Arlington, TX 76004
Website: coming soon
Ph: 979-402-5377
Contact Person: Denise Adame

Denise Adame, MPH, CPH, CHWI

Curriculum Manager
University of TEXAS Arlington
Division for Enterprise Development
Health Careers Institute
140 W. Mitchell Street
Arlington, TX 76010
(O) 817.272.0209, (F) 817.272.0064

South Texas Promotora Association Merida Escobar, President/CEO, (956) 383-5393,

Northern Texas Community Health Worker Resource Coalition Mission: Promoting a unified alliance among Community Health Workers and Community Health Worker Instructors to share and gain knowledge through Information Exchange, Peer-Support, Professional Development and Continuing Education in the North Texas Region. Contact: Claudia Busto, (806) 765-2611 Ext. 1024,

East Texas AHEC: Community Health Workers Linking Neighbors to Better Health

National Día de la Mujer Latina Promotores Network ;   Venus Ginés, M.A. P/CHWI                PH: (713) 798-5715; Toll-Free: (877) 518-8889

___________________________________________________________________________________________________Uvalde Memorial Hospital: DIRECTOR COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER

Rose Garza, PHD, RN, CCHWI

P:(830)278-6251 ext. 1428

1025 Garner Field Road · Uvalde, TX 78801

Promoting the healing of those we serve by providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare.


You can reach a Community Health Worker at (830) 278-6251 ext. 1452, 1453, 1454, or 1309.



Massachusetts CHW Advisory Council ( pdf 106 pages)

Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers (MACHW)Mission Statement MACHW is a statewide network of community health workers (CHWs) from all disciplines. We were founded in March 2000 to enable CHWs to lead the movement to organize, define and strengthen the profession of community health work.

  • Strengthen the professional identity of community health workers (CHWs);
  • Foster leadership among CHWs; and
  • Promote the integration of CHWs into the health care, public health and human service workforce


Maine Community Health Worker Initiative  Contact: Barbara Ginley  email:   Maine Migrant Health Program (MMHP), in partnership with the Maine CDC and MCD Public Health, is excited to announce that we will be developing a statewide Community Health Worker (CHW) program. This initiative is funded by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) as part of the State Innovation Model (SIM) project. It will build on our expertise and long-term commitment to working with CHWs and Promotoras.  We look forward to involving a broad base of Maine’s vulnerable communities in this project by providing them with the tools and skills to interact with our healthcare system as more than just patients.   MMHP’s Board of Directors and staff view the SIM project as an extension of our core commitment to health equity by directly engaging the communities we serve as our partner in the delivery of care. This opportunity will allow MMHP to cultivate new roles for the organization as the healthcare environment evolves under the Affordable Care Act.

Barbara Ginley will transition within MMHP to the new role of CHW Project Director. Over the next several months, MMHP’s Board of Directors, along with an interim director (TBA), will guide the transition of leadership within the organization.   For more information about the CHW project and/or this transition please contact Barbara Ginley at




National Association of Community Health Workers (Launch April 2019)

American Public Health Association CHW Section  Mae-Gilene Begay

National Association of Community Health Representatives Ramona Dillard, CHR/CHWD,, Pueblo of Laguna, Laguna, N.M.; (505) 552-6652

CHW Central

Community Health Representatives (CHR) Area Associations Oklahoma Area Association of Community Health Representatives (OAACHR) c/o Cyndi Gilks, President, Muscogee (Creek) Nation CHR Program Phone: (918) 623-1925 Email:

New Mexico/Southern Colorado CHR Association (NMSCCHRA) Alk’inibaa’ Mermejo, President Phone: (505) 660-8627 or (505) 455-4115

Aberdeen Area Community Health Representatives Association (AACHRA) John Eagle Shield, President; (701) 854-3856;

Indian Health Service:The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives Tribally contracted Community Health Representatives since 1968 Community Health Representative Program; Indian Health Service Headquarters 801 Thompson Avenue, Suite 300; Rockville, MD 20852 301-443-2589 (office); 301-642-6634 (cell); 301-594-6213 (fax) Contact: Cath yStueckemann, JD, MPA; Public Health Advisor/National Director