National Health Advisory Study 1998

SUMMARY OF THE NATIONAL COMMUNITY HEALTH ADVISOR STUDY A Policy Research Project of The University of Arizona Directed by E. Lee Rosenthal, MPH, and Funded by The Annie E. Foundation ( Important contributor Noel Wiggins)



Research Articles


REPORT – CDC – Community Health Worker Forum: Summary Report – The 2018 report summarizes four objectives to maximize the impact of Community Health Workers on diabetes outcomes from a national forum convened by the CDC.


STUDY – Am. Journal of Public Health – The State of the U.S. Governmental Public Health Workforce, 2014-2017 – Public health workforce development efforts during the past 50 years have evolved from a focus on enumerating workers to comprehensive strategies that address workforce size and composition,  training, recruitment and retention, effectiveness, and expected competencies in public health practice.

(Health Workforce Development, Public Health)


“Taking Innovation to Scale: Community Health Workers, Promotores, and the Triple Aim”
A Statewide Assessment of the Roles and Contributions of California’s Community Health Workers Preliminary Findings, Observations, and Recommendations
California Health Workforce Alliance (CHWA) Study AUGUST 2013
Lead Investigator : Kevin Barnett
Assistant Researcher: Andrew Broderick

Uncovering the Role of Community Health Worker/Lay Health Worker Programs in Addressing Health Equity for Immigrant and Refugee Women in Canada: An Instrumental and Embedded Qualitative Case Study Author: Sara Torres Ospina


Rush CH. Commentary: Return on Investment from Employment of Community Health Workers.  Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, April-June 2012.


Balcázar HG, Rosenthal EL, Brownstein JN, Rush CH, Matos S., Hernández L.  Community Health Workers Can Be a Public Health Force for Change in the United States:  Three Actions for a New Paradigm.  American Journal of Public Health, December 2011.

Alvillar M, Quinlan J, Rush CH, Dudley DJ. Recommendations For Developing And Sustaining Community Health Workers (Report From the Field). Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, August 2011. 22 (2011): 745–750.

Brownstein JN, Hirsch GR, Rosenthal EL, Rush CH. Community Health Workers “101” for Primary Care Providers and Other Stakeholders in Healthcare Systems.  Journal of Ambulatory Care Management July 2011. 34(3) 210-220.

Gilkey MB, Garcia C, Rush C. Professionalization and the experience-based expert: Strengthening partnerships between health educators and community health workers.  Health Promotion Practice, March 2011 (12.2) pp. 178-182.

APHA Paper on the Affordable Health Care Act and the impact on health Workforce development in the public health sector of which CHW are and integral part.

CDC Policy brief on Community Health Workers 2011;  Addressing Chronic Disease Through Community Health Workers- A Policy and Systems-Level Approach

Raising the Flag for Community Health Workers  January 2011 (AACHW)


January 14, 2010PRESS RELEASE for CHW Report :

CHW doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2010.0081 HEALTH AFFAIRS 29, NO. 7 (2010): 1338–1342 
Community Health Workers – Part Of The Solution.pdf
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December 2009: MDPH Community Health Worker Advisory Council Report :

November 2009: Comparative snapshot of four allied health occupations in California: Community Health Workers, medical assistants, certified nurse assistants, and home health aides
Sharon Christian and Catherine Dower    
Center for the Health Professions, University of California, San Francisco

Community Health Workers:The Foundation for Improving Public Health and

 He althcare Practice


 OPHE – Philadelphia  November  7, 2009 Durrell Fox, BS, CHW
Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)


Rosenthal EL, de Heer H, Rush CH, Holderby LR. Focus on the Future: A Community Health Worker Research Agenda By and For the Field.  Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action.  Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2008.

2007 HRSA Community Health Workers National Workforce Study 


2006-12_Advancing_Community_Health_Worker_Practice_and_Utilization_The_Focus_on_Financing.pdf 2006-12_Advancing_Community_Health_Worker_Practice_and_Utilization_The_Focus_on_Financing.pdf
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4 Allied Health Occupations_Final.pdf 4 Allied Health Occupations_Final.pdf
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2004-09_Community_Health_Workers_and_Promotores_in_California.pdf 2004-09_Community_Health_Workers_and_Promotores_in_California.pdf
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