The importance of  WHO is recruited, and trained as a Community Health Worker can not be emphasized enough.

  • Trusted members of their community
  • Preferably have a deep understanding, common culture and language to the community that they will be working in
  • Respectful, compassionate, friendly, outgoing people
  • Non-judgmental; able to meet people wherever they are on their journey through life
  • Have a passion and commitment to addressing the social determinants of health

Future of Public’s Health(IOM)2003 -Dahlgren and Whitehead diagram of the social determinants of health

The boundaries we establish to simplify for efficiency also impede our ability to integrate.  We need to allow permeability in our “silo“ boundaries of agencies and organizations that train, hire and support CHW of all job titles and cultural backgrounds; to allow for a sharing of information and integration of the parts.


A good example can be found in the  Network for a Healthy California  (CHW) Champion Recruitment

Recruitment Screener (English) Word / PDF
Recruitment Screener (Spanish) PDF
Roles and Responsibilities Word / PDF
Who is a Champion Mom? Word / PDF