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APHA Policy

  • Date:JAN 01 2001
  • Policy Number:200115

Support for Community Health Workers to Increase Health Access and to Reduce Health Inequities

  • Date:NOV 10 2009
  • Policy Number:20091


 National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP)

National Academy for State Health Policy
The National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) is an independent academy of state health policymakers who are dedicated to helping states achieve excellence in health policy and practice. A non-profit and non-partisan organization, NASHP provides a forum for constructive work across branches and agencies of state government on critical health policy issues. For more information visit www.nashp.org




California is one of the first states to have a state level commitment to  Health in all Policies  easing the way to integrating CHWs in all Policy Areas

Health in all Policies Guide (169 pages)

Health in all Policies Guide (169 pages)


CHWA 20150001

COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS IN CALIFORNIA: Sharpening Our Focus on Strategies to Expand Engagement JANUARY 2015 – 40 pages  (Appendix shows names of those consulted -Note ZERO CHWs) http://www.phi.org/…/2rapr38zarzdgvycgqnizf7o8ftv03ie3mdnio…

Community Health Workers: A Front Line for Primary Care? LISA SPRAGUE, Principal Policy Analyst; National Health Policy Forum      http://www.nhpf.org/library/issue-briefs/IB846_CHW_09-17-12.pdf


VYC Abogacía

Aquí están los enlaces para los webinars de abogacía de los que hablamos el día de ayer 2014:  Véanlos cuando tengan tiempo.

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