MARYLAND  (Feb 2014)

Here is a brief summary of the pending legislation in Maryland:

1) House Bill 856 – Task Force on Community Health Workers,

2) House Bill 1257 – Community Health Workers – Certification and Reimbursement,

3) Senate Bill 592 – Community Health Workers – Certification and Reimbursement, Senator Jones-Rodwell, same language as HB1257,

Please note that the Senate version of HB856 is not yet scheduled for a hearing.

Hearings for the House Bills only allow 3 minutes per person. ( We need to be prepared!)

Latino Health Steering Committee ( Montgomery County MD) paper on earlier study of promotora programs in Maryland:

Perspectives on Latino Lay Health Promoter Programs:Maryland, 2009
Olivia D. Carter-Pokras, PhD, Graciela Jaschek, MPH, Iveris L. Martinez, PhD, Pamela B. Brown, Sonia E. Mora, MPH, Nancy Newton, MA, MPH, and Ileana Luciani, PA

Contact : Olivia Carter-Pokras, Ph.D.
301-405-8037 (office)
301-257-6106 (cell)
Fax: 301-314-9366

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