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“Frontline health workers are the backbone of effective health systems – they are often based in the community and come from the community they serve, they play a critical role in providing a local context for proven health solutions, and they connect families and communities to the health system. They are the first and often the only link to health care for millions of people, are relatively inexpensive to train and support, and are capable of providing many life-saving interventions.”

Joint Commitment to Harmonized Partner Action for Community Health Workers and other Frontline Health Workers

Community Health Workers and other Front Line Health Workers: Moving from Fragmentation to Synergy to achieve Universal Health Coverage

A joint partner commitment on a CHW Framework for Partner Action, was announced at the third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health. The joint commitment has strong relevance and application for all partners’ organizations, entities, institutions, networks and governments engaged in policies, strategies and programs that relate to CHWs and other FLHWs.

A framework for partners’ harmonised support

Community Health Workers and Universal Health Coverage


Sigrun Mogedal, Shona Wynd, and Muhammad Mahmood Afzal

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Number of pages: 22
Publication date: October 2013
Languages: English


This paper is one of three Working Papers commissioned by Global Health Workforce Alliance to provide a platform for discussion around how better to capture synergies, harmonize support and address knowledge gaps in planning, developing and delivering on Community Health Worker (CHW) programs. Collectively, the papers will inform the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health side-event entitled “CHWs and other Front Line Health Workers (FLHW): Moving from Fragmentation to Synergy to Achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC)”


World Health Organization Brief 2007 ( 10 pages)

Community health workers: What do we know about them?
The state of the evidence on programmes, activities, costs and impact on health outcomes of
using community health workers