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The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color is a coalition of change agents committed to improving the life chances of California’s boys and young men of color. The Alliance includes youth, community organizations, foundations, and leaders in government, education, public health, and law enforcement.


Champions for Change   (California Department of Public Health CDPH )

We want the best for our kids. We want them to be healthy. We want to protect them from serious health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. So we are making healthy changes in our kitchens, homes, schools, and neighborhoods. We make the rules now. Rules like:

The North Bay Organizing Project  are a diverse, multi- issue organization that believes that participation of our members is essential for the survival of democracy.



Vision y Compromiso

We believe in the improvement of access and provision of quality bilingual and bicultural health care to Latinos through self-empowerment, educational programs, health advocacy outreach, and development of public policy specifically aimed at Latinos and their families and as critical players in the implementation and workforce development in these areas.

Our unique partnership with Promotores and Community Health Workers is the strength of our organization.  Through the Network of Promotoras and Community Health Workers, a program of Visión y Compromiso we:

  • Develop multi-disciplinary training curricula for and by Promotores;
  • Identify key health status and systems issues affecting Latinos and Promotor programs;
  • Coordinates statewide initiatives ;
  • Coordinate an annual Promotora Legislative Day in Sacramento
  • Organizes the leading national conference for Promotores and Community Health Workers each year; and
  • Partner with key advocacy organizations in California and across the U.S.

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Progressive, Faith Based Community Action  David Hoffman           (707) 206-2650 ;122 Calistoga Road, PMB 154 Santa Rosa, CA 95409 – USA (c/f NBOP Restorative Justice)

 El So Neighborhood education Center  Coachella CHW Academy

Community Health Worker Academy ( c/f Loma Linda University )

Community Health worker (CHW)

• Community health workers is a peer-peer model approach for education, prevention and early intervention of mental and health problems.
• Created in Latin America, this approach has rapidly spread to the U.S. The approach to best reach the under-served communities, is by the community members themselves.
• El Sol looks for the members who present the most knowledge and leadership.
• These peer leaders are from the very neighborhood that they are serving.
• These people along with El Sol can create positive impacts among the communities.

Capacity Building
developing the capacity of the community and organizations in areas such as forming coalitions, working with community health workers, and program design and evaluation.

Promotores de Salud Advance
From our success in Riverside county, we are now able to provide Promotores de Salud Advance to local residents and community based organizations. Using capacity building and support, we are able to create continuous Mental Health programs throughout the region of Riverside county. Promotores de Salud Advance uses its partnership with CBOs in order to connect the people within their communities with the mental health programs.

Community Health Workers Academy Loma Linda
With its already illustrious training, El Sol has partnered with Loma Linda’s University of Public Health to further increase and establish a higher level of consistency and performance of its community health workers. The training curriculum forged by Loma Linda are all field-based and is combined with a structured approach to ensure the best possible and effective CHWs. “Community Health Worker 101”. is 80 hours of training that begins with the philosophy of community health promotion and continues with critical thinking, communication skill and self-reflection. These skills are all used to understand the cause of community health problems and to relate and engage their peers in a safe and effective manner. The combination of community based and academic learning is most effective in advancing and revamping the already well established methods. In addition to the general training, mental health, childhood obesity, nutrition and diabetes are being emphasized in order to zeroed in on such problems within communities. The CHW graduates of the program may work for El Sol, but they also have the opportunity to work and help with other organizations that can use their knowledge and skill. El Sol is about training for capacity and quality and the graduates are able to spread their skill and knowledge throughout.

Enrich the training of health promoters and foster recognition of their health promotion efforts, these efforts founded on respect to diverse cultures and values.

Strengthen the capacity of health promoters to eliminate health disparities to achieve the well being and self-sufficiency of communities.