C3 REPORT 5.1.2016

CHW Core Consensus Project (C3) (Report 5.1.2016) (43 pgs)

Understanding Scope and Competencies:A Contemporary Look at the United States Community Health Worker Field

Progress Report of the Community Health Worker (CHW) Core Consensus (C3) Project: BUILDING NATIONAL CONSENSUS ON CHW CORE ROLES, SKILLS, AND QUALITIES


The 2016 progress report of the CHW Core Consensus (C3) Project has been released.  It can be downloaded from the following link:
Also we are pleased to announce the sponsorship commitment from Sanofi-US for the next phase of C3, which will include outreach to multiple stakeholder groups; recommendations on distinct CHW role and skill definitions between clinic- and community-based work settings; and methods for assessing proficiency in CHW core skills
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Report prepared by:
E. Lee Rosenthal, PhD, MS, MPH; Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Carl H. Rush, MRP, C ommunity Resources, LLC
Caitlin G. Allen, MPH, Boston University
For the Project on CHW Policy & Practice, University of Texas- Houston School of Public Health, Institute for Health Policy
Report Production:
Coordination: Caitlin G. Allen
Layout/Graphics: David Mitchell
Funded by: The Amgen Foundation Supplemental Support: The Sanofi Corporation and CHW Apprenticeship Project, Wisconsin Department of Health Services In-kind Support: Community Resources, LLC; Mesa Public Health Associates, LLC; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CHW Networks nationwide
• E. Lee Rosenthal, Project Director • Carl H. Rush, Research Director • Caitlin Allen, Project Coordinator • Jorge M. Ibarra, Logistics and Outreach Assistant • Jessica Uriarte, Project Research Assistant
• Sergio Matos • Don Proulx • Noelle Wiggins
CHW Fellows
• Catherine Gray Haywood, Co-Chair of Advisory Committee and CHW Network Review Group • Jacqueline Ortiz Miller, Co-Chair of Advisory Committee and CHW Network Review Group
Advisory Committee
• Mariela Ardemagni-Tollin • Dan Baden • Leticia Boughton Price • J. Nell Brownstein • Kathy Burgoyne • Maria Lémus • Susan Mayfield Johnson • Katherine Mitchell • Jessie Pérez • Samantha Sabo • Laurene Sarrachino • Sornia Joseph • Freddy Zambrano
CHW Network Review Advisory Group
• Tatyana Gordetsky • Paula Saldana • June Munoz • Carol West • Napualani Spock • Hosseinali Shahidi • Qadrriyyah McKinnis • Scott Smith • Jake Coffey • Sherry Ohly • Joelisa Castillo, CHW Network Review Advisory Fellow
Readers Panel
• Durrell Fox, Reader Panel Co-Chair • Gail Hirsch, Reader Panel Co-Chair • Naomi Cottoms • Lauren Edmundson • Cam Escoffery • Lizzie Fussell • Dawn Heffernan • Kim Kratz • Susan Kunz • Beth Lamarre • Beverly MacCarty • Betsy Rodriguez • Janey Skinner • Julie Smithwick • Edward Thomas • Ashley Wennerstrom
Collaborating Organizations
Coordinated by University of Texas – Houston School of Public Health, In stitute for Health Policy: Project on CHW Policy and Practice in Collaboration with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso
Collaboration in planning and implementation:
CHW Section of the American Public Health Association: Chair Mae Gilene Begay (2015) and Wandy Hernandez (2014)
Administered by the National Area Health Education Centers Organization •
Fiscal agent: Texas AHEC East, Coastal Region • Administrative Team: Leslie Hargrove, Texas AHEC and Rob Trachtenberg, NAO Support for the Project on CHW Policy and Practice at the Institute for Health Policy • Hector G. Balcazar • Stephen Linder
Contact c/o info@C3project.org
Is your organization endorsing and/or adopting CHW skills, roles and qualities?
Please share any endorsement or adoption of roles and skills with the C3 Project team care of: info@c3project.org. If you need more information or support, please feel free also to contact the C3 Project team at the same email.
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