Champions for Change

Champions for Change (California Department of Public Health CDPH )

We want the best for our kids. We want them to be healthy. We want to protect them from serious health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. So we are making healthy changes in our kitchens, homes, schools, and neighborhoods. We make the rules now. Rules like:

You do not have to be a health expert to protect your child from serious health problems. But you do need to be committed to helping your family eat more fruits and vegetables and be more physically active.

Change is good. Healthy eating and active living are starting to happen in families and communities everywhere. It is not always easy but we are making it happen. And so can you.

Become a Champion for Change. And become a champion for your family’s health.

Who is a Champion Mom?  ( By the APHA definition of CHW Campion Moms are women are community health workers!)

• We encourage you to recruit moms already involved in local Network programs, as these are women that are already passionate about the cause. However, please note, any mom is capable of being a Champion Mom and involvement in a Network program is not required.

• Recruit moms in your region who will have an ongoing commitment to advancing the Network’s messages of consuming fruits and vegetables, being physically active, increasing food security and preventing chronic disease.

• Select moms that have made bigger, broader changes (i.e. went to child’s school and got healthy food in the cafeteria) or habit change (i.e. cooks healthier meals for their family).

• Recruit moms that best reflect your region’s community members (ethnicity, language spoken, etc.).

• Utilize LIAs/local partners when recruiting moms, as they are out in the community and know who the moms are that are making healthy, sustainable changes in their lives.

• Champion Moms should be healthy and active and should “walk the walk” through leading a healthy lifestyle.

Champion Recruitment

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Recruitment Screener (English) Word / PDF
Recruitment Screener (Spanish) PDF
Roles and Responsibilities Word / PDF
Who is a Champion Mom? Word / PDF