Foundations of CHW 2nd ed

Foundations for Community Health Workers, 2nd Edition

Timothy Berthold (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-119-06081-9
736 pages
May 2016, Jossey-Bass

Foundations for Community Health Workers (J-B Public Health/Health Services Text) by Tim Berthold, Alma Avila and Jennifer Miller (Aug 31, 2009)

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The Upstream Doctors: Medical Innovators Track Sickness to its Source  by Rishi Manchanda

TED Book: The Upstream Doctors

We all think we know what good medicine looks like: smart doctors, stethoscopes, imaging machines, high-tech tests, and the best prescriptions and procedures money can buy. But that picture is vastly incomplete. In this eye-opening book, physician Rishi Manchanda says that our health may depend even more on our social and environmental settings than it does on our most cutting-edge medical care. Manchanda argues that that the future of our health care depends on growing a new generation of health care practitioners. We need doctors who look upstream for the sources of our problems, rather than simply go for quick-hit symptomatic relief. These upstreamists, as he calls them, are doctors and nurses on the frontlines of medicine who see that health (like sickness) is more than a chemical equation that can be balanced with pills and procedures administered within clinic walls. They see that health begins in our everyday lives, in the places where we live, work, eat, and play. If our high-cost, sick-care system is to become a high-value, health care system, the upstreamists will show us the way. 

Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up by Paul Schmitz  

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Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets  by John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight (Jan 1993)

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Community Based Participatory Research

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Community-Based Participatory Research for Health: From Process to Outcomesby Meredith Minkler and Nina Wallerstein (Oct 27, 2008)

Community Organizing and Community Building for Health: 2nd Edition  Meredith Minkler (Editor)

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CSPNJ Institute for Wellness and Recovery Initiatives would like to share this resource.  Please share widely.  Let them know if it is useful.  (Free downloadable)


 CSPNJ Institute for Wellness and Recovery Initiatives would like to share this resource.  Please share widely.  Let them know if it is useful.  (Free downloadable) Journaling- A Wellness Tool!
(Free downloadable)


Healing the Body Politic: El Salvador’s Popular Struggle for Health Rights from Civil War to Neoliberal Peace.  Popular health system administered by ‘lay providers in a former war zone’.”   By Sandy Smith-Nonini – She is a journalist and an anthropologist.


Principles of Health Navigation - APHA Press
Health NavigationPrinciples of Health Navigation: Understanding Roles and Career OptionsCo-published with APHA Press, this is the first text in the new Health Navigationseries. Principles of Health Navigation provides an overview of the content and knowledge competencies expected as part of health navigation education including health services delivery and health insurance, care of the individual, and accessing and analyzing health information competencies. Includes “Navigate 2 Advangate Access”.

The Health Navigations Series will be a collection of three textbooks and accompanying digital learning materials designed for health navigator associate degree and certificate programs leading to employment as community health workers, patient navigators, and/or health insurance navigators. This unique series meets the full range of Health Navigation education competencies based on the Community Colleges and Public Health Project Report — a joint initiative between the League for Innovation in the Community College and the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health.