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Asian Americans for Community Involvement Program:


Supported by a CMS Health Care Innovation award in July 2012, AACI began reinventing our enabling services. This award enables AACI to train, hire, and deploy older Asian and Hispanic youth to do what they are already informally doing for their own friends and family: helping them to navigate the health system. We use two proven technologies, community health workers and career advancement academies, to focus on visit enhancement, not full case management. By doing so, our Patient Navigators build AACI’s capacity to improve access to care, disease screening, diagnosis time, and medication adherence, while reducing patient anxiety and avoidable ER visits.

Want to get started on a career in health care? Become a Patient Navigator!

In partnership with San Jose City College, Cañada and Skyline Colleges, AACI offers a FREE1-year certificate program. All cohort students take courses in a one-year credit-bearing certificate program modeled after California’s successful Career Advancement Academies. Along with a cohort of 15-20 peers, students receive health literacy and cultural communication training in the first semester, with hands-on internship experience in the second semester. We are currently recruiting cohorts for September 2013 classes at San Jose Community College and Cañada Community College in San Mateo. The Skyline Community College program will begin in September 2014.

Patient Navigation Services

  • Starting in September 2013, newly trained patient navigators will be providing services at AACI’s primary care and mental health clinics. Patients will be matched with navigators who will personally escort patients to referral, laboratory and pharmacy appointments.
  • AACI’s patient navigators speak Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish and Tagalog. Available languages will increase as future cohorts complete the certificate program.
  • Patient navigators will also be placed in local hospitals and community clinics in Santa Clara and San Mateo County.


To apply or receive more information on becoming a Patient Navigator, please contact Anna Ng at (408) 975-2730 (X424) or or e-mail

For more information on the Patient Navigation Center program and services, please contact Elisa Orona at (408) 975-2730 (X114) or e-mail

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