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Developing common evaluation measures to sustain community health worker programs

APHA 2016 Denver

Developing common evaluation measures to sustain community health worker programs…



Community health workers (CHWs) have contributed to improving health status and outcomes in the United States for decades. CHW programs, however, continue to lack sustainable financing and are limited by a lack of consistent evaluation. Peer-reviewed literature reveals excellent outcome data from CHW interventions, but few tools or measures exist that capture the unique contribution of CHWs to individual- and community-level changes in health status or outcomes. Further, much evaluation data is health issue-specific, limiting the portability of evaluation results across programs, especially as CHWs are increasingly recognized for their contributions in addressing social determinants of health. In order to solidify gains and meet the needs of the field for systematic evaluation, it is necessary to develop common process and outcome indicators to measure the success of CHW programs.

Input and perspective is needed from experts on the ground, first and foremost, Community Health Workers. In this workshop, participants will work with national leaders to review results from a national summit on common indicators development. Participants will then have the opportunity to contribute to the national conversation through facilitated dialogue and brainstorming. Individuals with interest or experience in community health worker program documentation, evaluation, or research are encouraged to attend and share their expertise.



DATE AND TIME:  Sat, October 29, 2016        1:00 PM – 5:00 PM MDT

Colorado Convention Center
Room 103/105
Denver, CO 80202