A rigorous ROI analysis showing the effectiveness of CHWs.

Community Health Worker Home Visits for Medicaid-Enrolled Children With Asthma: Effects on Asthma Outcomes and Costs
Jonathan D. Campbell, Marissa Brooks, Patrick Hosokawa, June Robinson, Lin Song, James Krieger
Posted online on 13 Aug 2015.
Abstract | PDF (534 KB) | PDF Plus (546 KB)

I am really pleased to share with you an article that was just published that demonstrates a positive return on investment for CHW home visits with children who have asthma. This work was done at Public Health Seattle & King County where Jim Krieger has documented the effectiveness of CHWs in addressing asthma many times. I believe that this article showing a rigorous ROI analysis will add an important piece to the body of knowledge around the effectiveness of CHWs.

Please share widely. http://ajph.aphapublications.org/toc/ajph/0/0

June Robinson
Program Manager
Chronic Disease Injury Prevention Section
Public Health Seattle – King County


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