(CHW Help in ) Creating a System of Health

Creating a System of Health

Forging collaborations between public health and healthcare is something I’m passionate about. Through my work in the hospital sector, health departments, and now at PHI, I’ve dedicated most of my career to finding the synergies that build community health.

For this month’s PHI50 celebration, I asked PHI leaders and board members to share their thoughts on this important direction. Eduardo Sanchez, deputy chief medical officer of the American Heart Association, said: “The opportunity over the next 50 years is bridging medical care and public health into what should be considered the health system for all Americans.”

PHI is helping to build that bridge. We’re advancing the role of Community Health Workers to connect medical care with social supports and community advocacy. We’ve helped non-profit hospitals invest their community benefit funds to proactively address community health needs, not just provide charity care. We’re leading the way in expanding the smart use of telehealth to achieve the Triple Aim in California. Visit our timeline and read this month’s PHI50 blog for more about PHI’s work.

Of course PHI is not alone–it takes all of us to create healthier populations. In my work with the Institute of Medicine, the Let’s Get Healthy California Taskforce, and the California State Innovation Model, I see unprecedented momentum and commitment from virtually every sector–from foundations to local businesses, academic institutions to insurers.

It’s an exciting–and demanding–time. What do you think it will take to build a true system of health, together? We’re reflecting your ideas on Facebook and Twitter with #PHI50.

Mary A. Pittman,
President and CEO
Public Health Institute