CDC Six new opportunities for funding Public Health Action

Over the next several days, CDC is announcing the availability of six new funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) to advance the nation’s chronic disease prevention and health promotion efforts. 

  • All six FOAs address one or more of the leading risk factors for the major causes of death and disability in the United States: tobacco use, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity.
  • A number of the FOAs also address key health system improvements and community supports to help Americans manage their chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.
  • All the FOAs involve partnerships at the national, state, or local level because public health cannot solve these problems alone.

Through these FOAs, CDC is concentrating resources on key risk factors and major diseases that contribute substantially to suffering, disability, and premature death among Americans. Together, the six FOAs form a mutually reinforcing set of activities designed, in synergy, to reach the overall goals of reducing:

  • Rates of death and disability due to tobacco use by 5%.
  • Prevalence of obesity by 3%.
  • Rates of death and disability due to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke by 3%.

Individually, each FOA contributes uniquely to these goals by:

  • Working through unique awardees (e.g., state health departments, national organizations).
  • Delivering interventions to unique populations (e.g., racial and ethnic minorities, populations with very high obesity rates).
  • Emphasizing specific interventions (e.g., health system improvements, environmental approaches).
  • Implementing interventions in specific places (e.g., large cities, tribes).
  • Addressing specific risk factors, disease management, or both (e.g., tobacco use, obesity, high blood pressure). 

(DP14-1417) Partnership to Improve Community Health (see CDC website: and

(DP14-1418) National Implementation and Dissemination for Chronic Disease Prevention (see and CDC website

(DP14-1419PPHF14): PPHF 2014 Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) financed in part by Prevention and Public Health Funding (see

DP14-1421PPHF14): A Comprehensive Approach to Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (see

(DP14-1422) State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

State and Local Public Health Actions, a new 4-year, $70 million/year program that builds on efforts initiated in 2013, intensifies work in 18 to 22 state and large city health departments to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke and reduce health disparities among adults through a combination of community and health system interventions.  States will sub-award half of their funds to support implementation activities in 4-8 communities in their states. Community strategies will build support for lifestyle change, particularly for those at high risk, to support diabetes and heart disease and stroke prevention efforts. Health system interventions and community-clinical linkage strategies will aim to improve the quality of health care delivery and preventive services to populations with the highest hypertension and prediabetes disparities. These efforts will be supported by state/jurisdiction-level leadership and coordination and technical assistance to selected communities. Activities will complement but not duplicate those funded under the State Public Health Actions (DP13-1305) initiative. Click here to view the FOA: